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Research software

The following list includes some of the software available to support data analysis in research.

ATLAS.ti is a powerful software package for the visual qualitative analysis of large bodies of textual, graphical and audio or video data. It offers a variety of tools for accomplishing the tasks associated with any systematic approach to “soft” data. It helps you to uncover the complex phenomena hidden in your qualitative data, offers a powerful and intuitive environment for coping with the inherent complexity of tasks and data, and keeps you focused on the data under analysis.

Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS)
The project is in receipt of its fourth consecutive term of funding by the UK Economic and Social Research Council. It has no commercial links to any software developer or supplier. It aims to provide practical support, training and information in the use of a range of software programs which have been designed to assist qualitative data analysis. The project also provides various platforms for debate concerning the methodological and epistemological issues arising from the use of such software packages.

The Ethnograph v 5.0 for Windows PCs is a versatile computer program designed to make the analysis of data collected during qualitative research easier, more efficient, and more effective.
You can import your text-based qualitative data, typed in any word processor, straight into the program. The Ethnograph helps you search and note segments of interest within your data; mark them with code words; and run analyses which can be retrieved for inclusion in reports or further analysis.

First launched in 1985, The Ethnograph was one of the first programs to pioneer computer assisted qualitative data analysis. Since then The Ethnograph has continued to be developed by qualitative data analysts for qualitative data analysts such as social scientists, historians, literary critics, health researchers, business and market analysts, legal researchers and others. The Ethnograph will handle your project data files and documents whether your data comes in form of interview transcript, field notes, open-ended survey responses, or other text based documents.

Instat: INteractive STATistics Package for PCs
Staff at the Statistical Service Centre at the University of Reading have developed various software resources, which may be downloaded. Currently available are:

  • Instat+, a general statistical computing package
  • SSC-Stat, an "add-in" to strengthen the capabilities of spreadsheet packages
  • Archiver, a utility to aid the systematic archiving of project data and related information

NVivo, NU*DIST, N4 for Mac
QSR offers three software packages which assist researchers to organise and analyse complex qualitative data. Each allows you to import and code textual data, edit the text without affecting the coding; retrieve, review and recode coded data; search for combinations of words in the text or patterns in your coding; and import data from and export data to quantitative analysis software.

Software designed to aid researchers in handling Non-numerical Unstructured Data by supporting processes of Indexing, Searching and Theorising´. It is used with a researcher’s text to search, categorise, index, organise and search for links between categories. It can also be used to present analysis of results. QSR Merge is included which allows the researcher to merges different research projects or convert data cross platforms i.e. Mac to PC.

Question Mark Perception
Questionmark Perception provides a comprehensive resource with which to author, administer, deliver and report on computerized assessments. To find out how each process works, click on the diagram or the appropriate hotlink above. Perception is packaged as Perception for Web and Perception for Windows. Perception for Web, the most popular package, is used to administer assessments using the Internet or Intranets. Perception for Windows is used to create, deliver and report on assessments using the Windows PC platform.

SNAP survey software
SNAP is a suite of integrated software programs for questionnaire design, publication, data collection and analysis. It consists of a core product, SNAP Professional, and specialist modules that may be added to extend the capabilities to Internet, PDAs, scanning and telephone interviewing.

Statistics for the Terrified
This is software that teaches students how to use and apply statistics within their field of learning. A downloadable demo version is available.

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)
SPSS UK is part of SPSS Inc which produces a range of SPPS products including SPSS, SYSTAT, QI Analyst, MapInfo, Neural Connection and SPSS CHIAD. The basic SPSS module includes data entry capabilities, data analysis and graphical presentation of results. The Tables option adds extensive facilities for tabulating results and there is an advanced statistics module. The facility to create and run batch files is a very powerful tool for undertaking regular data entry, analysis and reporting tasks as a single process. The company has now launched a full version of SPSS for students and a tutor pack consisting of two elements; Essential SPSS and Essential Social Statistics. SPSS UK Ltd. Windows, MAC CD-ROM


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