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Research organisations

The following organisations provide research funding, sources or findings - some are subscription services which your agency may or should join. This is not a comprehensive list – the Gateway section will provide links to a whole host or relevant research-related links.

Centre for Evidence Based Social Services (CEBSS)
Now defunct, CEBSS was a research centre based at the University of Exeter that propmoted use of evidence-based social care. The Centre was jointly funded by the Department of Health and a consortium of social services departments in the south and west of England. Their materials continue to be made available by RIPA.

Centre for Research on the Child and Family
The Centre for Research on the Child and Family is based in the School of Social Work and Psychosocial Studies at the University of East Anglia.

Department of Health Research Site
Department of healthThe Department of health invests in research to support government objectives for public health, health services and social care, as well as contributing to the government science strategy. The policy research programme undertakes development and evaluation in public health, health services and social care in order to ensure that policy is based on reliable evidence of needs

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
The ESRC is the UK's largest independent funding agency for research and postgraduate training into social and economic issues. Its goals are: to support high-quality research and postgraduate training that will contribute to economic competitiveness, the quality of life and the effectiveness of public services and policy; ensure that researchers have the training, resources and infrastructure to continue to make advances, including the necessary datasets and methodologies; broaden the public’s knowledge and understanding of the contribution that the social sciences can make to policymakers, businesses and the public at large. The site hosts the REGARD database which helps locate and explore social science research funded by the ESRC.

National Assembly of Wales Research and Evaluation
Research and Evaluation projects are carried out across the Assembly as research officials are co-located with policy officials. Some policy divisions have their own areas on this web site, with pages for Research and Evaluation, and one of the main purposes of these pages is to provide a central contact point for external users so that they can easily find the information that is already available. Information is also provided for potential research and evaluation contractors and for individuals who are looking for research or evaluation posts at the Assembly.

National Centre for Social Research
NatCen is the largest independent social research institute in Britain. It conducts social research among members of the public to provide information on a range of social policy issues in Britain. For more than 30 years NatCen has conducted the design and fieldwork for important, policy informing, UK social surveys including The British Crime Survey, British Election Studies, British Social Attitudes, Family Resources Survey, The Health Survey for England, and many other major quantitative and qualitative surveys.

Research in Practice
The aim of this site is to promote better access to research about vulnerable children and families and so support the development of evidence based planning and services. The database is freely available to all through a partnership with the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE).

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)
SCIE gathers and publicises knowledge about how to make social care services better. SCIE is an independent organisation created in response to the government drive to improve quality in social care services across England and Wales. It was launched in October 2001, has around 30 permanent staff and a board of 12 trustees who guide its work and ensure its independence. SCIE is funded by the Department of Health and the Welsh Assembly. SCIE will be working with the Northern Ireland assembly in the future, and has links with the Scottish Executive

Scottish Addiction Studies
(formerly Scottish Drugs Training Project) is a collaboration of staff throughout the Department of Applied Social Science with an interest in drug and alcohol misuse. Activities within the group are extensive; from on-line teaching and information services to evaluation of interventions within the criminal justice system. The broad base of the group allows the Department to respond to addiction-related issues in ways which are fully reflective of its wide-ranging interests and expertise.

The Scottish Institute for Residential Child Care
was established on April 1st 2000. The aim of the Institute is to ensure that residential child care staff throughout Scotland have access to the skills and knowledge they require to meet the needs of the children and young people in their care.

Wales Office of Research and Development (WORD)
The National Assembly for Wales set the policies, priorities and funding framework for Health and Social Care in Wales. Within the Assembly, WORD has responsibility for taking these policies forward. Their two core functions are to develop policy and priorities in Research and Development for Health and Social Care in Wales; and to commission and manage high quality Research projects from their inception to dissemination.

Wales - also see National Assembly of Wales above


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