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Note: the QAA Benchmarking Statement for Social Work is part of and follows the the Social Policy statement, which is available as a web page or as a pdf file

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1. Using this resource

It is always good practice to read the introduction to an e-learning resource to familiarise yourself with the style, navigation, design and contents  

2. Assessment

This short-exercise will help you understand better how this resource can support your learning  

3. What is research mindedness?

Research-minded or research-informed may not be terms you have heard much about. So this section is important to clarify the meaning and to show why it is important for social workers and social care workers to be research-minded 3.1.4

4. Finding Research

A key skill in being research-minded is how to locate credible, up to date research findings and this section gives you all the basics. 3.2

5. Making sense of research

Understanding research can sometimes be confusing and different evidence on the same topic may seem to present contradictory findings. This section helps with increasing confidence in how to use research findings to inform your studies and practice 2.5

6. Case studies

Relating theory to practice usual helps with developing a deeper understanding 2.5
7. Research in context Research is not a neutral activity and this section explores the contemporary social and policy context of research practice that you need to be aware of. 3.1.4

8. The research practitioner

This section will help if you are carrying out research as part of your placement or coursework as it focuses on doing research 2.3.4


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