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Are you research minded?

This section of the Research Mindedness Learning Resource has been developed to help you identify your current knowledge of and skills for understanding and making use of research. It begins with a short self-assessment based on research undertaken on behalf of CCETSW and published as: Keeping Research in Mind, Harrison C. and Humphreys C. (1997). We are grateful to Cath Humphreys for permission to use this information.

Click on self-assessment on the menu for some indicators which have been shown to be closely associated with 'Research Mindedness'. You can use this self-assessment to identify your current knowledge, understanding and skills, and then decide how the module can help you develop them further.

The profile is for your general guidance only. It does not involve assessment by anyone within or external to your organisation. As you use the module, you may find it helpful to check out each individual aspect in more detail. This will help you identify more specific areas on which you need to focus.

For each statement, please tick the box on the scale which best describes your current level of understanding. This will provide you with a starting point for acquiring or enhancing your 'Research Mindedness'.

Your responses to the questions in the self-assessment tool will be automatically analysed, and you will be provided with recommendations and/or suggestions as to which sections of the Research Mindedness resource may help you improve your knowledge and understanding. These will be colour-coded, and the key to them will appear at the top of the results page.

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