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Developmental partners

Centre for Human Services Technology

Centre for Human Service Technology

CHST at the University of Southampton undertakes national and international projects; research in the field of human services and information and communication technologies with a particular focus on social work education and practice. CHST is also the umbrella organisation for SWAPltsn, the national subject centre for Social Policy and Social Work within the UK Learning and Teaching Support Network.

Social Care Institute for Excellence

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

The Social Care Institute for Excellence gathers and publicises knowledge about how to make social care services better. It does this in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders, including service users and carers, to support a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, and to encourage and assist partnership between social care and allied disciplines.



Epic is Europe's largest e-learning consultancy and developer of bespoke e-learning for the education, public and private sectors.

Services include consultancy, bespoke and generic content production, web design and development, collaborative learning, knowledge management, blended learning, testing and localisation.



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