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The development team

The (re)development of the resource has been undertaken by the following people:

Tom Hopkins is an independent education and training consultant, specialising in health and social care. He is also Director of ProCare and from1994-2000 was Social Work Associate at the Open Learning Foundation (OLF). He is the author of the OLF publications, Using Open Learning in Social Work: An Implementation Handbook (1996) and Vocation-based learning: an open learning term in health and social care education (2001). From 1993-2000 he held various posts within the Institute of Health and Community Studies, Bournemouth University, including Head of Learning and Teaching. He currently works with SWAP as a Learning and Teaching Adviser, and co-ordinator of the annual UK Joint Social Work Education Conference.

Jackie Rafferty is Director of CHST and SWAP, the subject centre for Social Policy and Social Work. With a background in community development she has worked extensively over the last 10 years in the areas of information and communication technologies and learning and teaching in the human services. She is editor of the journal 'New Technology in the Human Services' and a member of the Board of Directors of HUSITA International.

Julia Waldman works as an independent researcher and consultant and is also employed part-time as a Senior Research Fellow in the Division of Social Work Studies at the University of Southampton. She has undertaken a wide range of practice-focused research and evaluation projects over the last twelve years at a national, regional and local level, but overall has a special interest in work with young people, children and families. Over the last few years her focus has moved increasingly towards elearning and web-based resources and research. This complements her long standing interest in learning and teaching issues. Her book 'Help yourself to learning at work' is due to be published soon on the web.

Dr David Colombi is the web developer in the Centre for Human Service Technology (CHST) at the University of Southampton. He has published extensively on IT issues in social work practice and education. Projects completed include IMPACT: Increasing the awareness of assistive technology (EU project); Computers in Teaching Initiative (CTI Human Services for UK higher education); ProCare software on Research Methods and on Interpersonal Skills for social work and nursing higher education, Child Welfare Across Borders (EU-Canada Project). Currently working mainly on SWAP social policy and social work subject centre of the HE Academy.

Celia Atherton is Director of 'Research in Practice' at Dartington which aims to connect practice and research to improve the experience and outcomes for vulnerable children and the capacity of policy, services and professionals to respond to the needs of families. Her background is in social work in child care and family rights issues.

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