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Getting started

How much time will I need?

Because the resource offers you a variety of ways of using it, and provides a wide range of learning opportunities at varying levels of complexity, it's impossible to say how much time you will require. However, to help you, particularly if this is your first visit, we have provided below some suggestions for ways of using the resource. Once you get familiar with it, its layout and how it functions, you will almost certainly find your visits are time well spent.

Where should I start?

The resource offers three points of entry according to whether you are a student, a tutor/trainer or working in a practice setting. These entry points will lead you to core resource material for understanding 'research mindedness', its relevance and application to everyday learning and practice. Just click on the appropriate button below to begin learning with the Research Mindedness resource.

Student icon
Student entry point: Learning Pathways

Entering here will take you to the Learning Pathways section of the resource. This will provide you with an overview of the standards, requirements and competencies in the new social work degree, together with suggested learning content.
Practitioner icon Practitioner entry point: Are you research-minded?

Entering the resource here will take you directly to a self-assessment tool designed to help you gauge your current level of awareness and understanding of Research Mindedness. According to your self-assessment 'profile', you will also be provided with and/or directed to learning resources to help you improve your current knowledge.
tutor/trainer icon

Tutor/trainer entry point: Tutor/Trainer Guide

Entering the resource here will lead you to a guide designed to help tutors and trainers to support students and social work/care staff in developing their research mindedness, whether as part of a higher education course, staff development activity, or independent study.

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