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The core resources

In addition to the student and practitioner entry points, you can also directly access other resource materials that will help you to contextualise 'Research Mindedness'. These are reached by clicking on any of the six buttons below:

Why be research minded?

Contextual resource : Why be research minded?

This section provides a definition of research mindedness and the regulatory standards for research mindedness in the new social work degree in England.

It also provides an introduction to the nature of research followed by some of the reasons why research is not more widely used by social work practitioners; and an understanding of some of the factors that inhibit the use of research. It concludes with an examination of ways in which research is used and can be misused.

Research in context

Contextual resource: Research in context

This section examines a range of issues that frame the use of research in practice.

These include information on the place of research in the care environment; the relationship between research and social policy; the funding and control of research; evidence based practice; the ethics of research; and research monitoring and performance.

Finding research

Contextual resource: Finding research

This section identifies key electronic and 'off-line' research sources such as organisations, libraries and journals and ways of accessing them.

Making sense of research

Contextual resource: Making sense of research

The final section examines how to make use of existing research and the need to be critical in using research.

Being a researcher

Contextual resource: Being a researcher

Social work and social care practice offer rich opportunities for action research. This section includes basic information on some of the practical, conceptual and theoretical issues involved in doing research.

Case studies Contextual resource: Case Studies

This section contains four case studies:
  • Disability
  • Mental health
  • Older people
  • Child and family

Each one identifies the possible uses of research-based knowledge when applied to an authentic case. This approach allows exploration of complex issues and the application of research at a number of 'staging posts' in professional engagement with service users, carers and other agencies.

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